1. Charles Selph, resident of St. Francis House, on the Boston Common.

2. Doctors Bob Master and Rushika Fernandopulle. Bob Master, founder and President of the non-profit Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA), and Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle, founder of the for-profit Iora Health. Both are on the front lines of reinventing and reinvigorating primary care as the driver of health system transformation.

3. Director Sophia Coppola.

4. Environmental lawyers Josh Kratka and Heather Govern.

5. Actor and director Jackie Chan

6. Boston City Councillor Ayanna Pressly.

7. Greg Burk, musician.

8. John, US veteran, Vietnam, and Agent Orange survivor.

9. Kamani Jefferson, President & Registered Lobbyist - ‎Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council.

10. Jhana and Becky, best friends.

11. Immigration attorney Heather Yountz. She was a key player in the blocking of President Donald Trump's travel ban.

12. Radio host David Brudnoy.

13. Cellist Lukas Manning.

14.Massachusetts State Rep Dan Winslow.

15. Jeannette Perot, in Milton, Massachusetts.

16. Newton, Massachusetts Mayor Seti Warren.

17. Anti-terrorism expert Juliette Kayyem. Appointed Massachusetts first Undersecretary for Homeland security under governor Deval Patrick.

18. Real estate developer Jay Daugherty.

19. Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura during a stint as visiting professor at The Kennedy School of Government.

20. Alyssa Brill, staff attorney for the Volunteer Lawyers Project.