Picture Story Boston - Patrick
Posted 1/20/2017

Patrick ©PictureStoryBoston

Patrick ©PictureStoryBoston

"This is Boston. This is Boston. You notice what they do to you here? It's called tailgating. But it's on the sidewalks. I get this once a week. It's like an inch. And he's like this close to me. You understand what I'm saying? Look at this, like this (gestures with his hand). His head was down and he's barreling through like a bull. Like a bull. Listen what I'm saying is don't get me wrong don't get me wrong cause a lot of people get me wrong. They think in their world that they're protected because they're in Massachusetts and Cambridge. But you know what's cool, I love a real Boston accent. When I first got here people made fun of me all the time. Now I lost my Philly accent."

Picture Story Boston - WAKE
Posted 1/1/2017

WAKE ©PictureStoryBoston

WAKE ©PictureStoryBoston

"I write Wake. I've been writing for a year. I'm just sticking to the legal wall 'cuz I'm really young. I'm only 12."

Picture Story Boston - Kin and Vanessa
Posted 1/1/2017


Kin and Vanessa © PictureStoryBoston

Kin and Vanessa ©PictureStoryBoston

"My brother says no, he says you have to pay." I have to pay? "No he is worried we have to pay for the picture." Oh you thought you would have to pay me? "Yes yes my brother is worried he has to pay." No, there's no charge. "Oh okay. He says okay then. We came to go to H Mart and do some shopping but we forgot to bring our money so we just had noodles." Oh, no money? Next time you pay me then. (Laughing) "Next time we sit and have a coffee."

Picture Story Boston - Brendan
Posted 12/30/2016

Brendan © PictureStoryBoston

Brendan ©PictureStoryBoston

"I moved to Boston in 1987, moved here from Connecticut, I've lived in Somerville, Boston, Cambridge. Used to rap, all over. Do shows. Check out Click Animosity, VHS Crew. I decided to just press a bunch of CDs worth of old material this year. Underground Hip Hop went under this year tho, I used to sell stuff there. The business is changin'. I still have many CDs of unreleased material. Yeah we're getting older now (takes off his hood to show me a few gray hairs) now I just follow the energy. If something moves me, seems good, then I might go that way. I was super focused from 2006 to 2012, put out like 10 CDs. Yeah things are changing. Ownership is changing in here today (Cheapo Records) actually. Hopefully I'll keep my job. I work the register, record sales. I still record, it's easier now with home studios and software. But it's definitely changing."

Picture Story Boston - Bernie
Posted 12/28/2016

Bernie © PictureStoryBoston

Bernie ©PictureStoryBoston

"I was 43 years here, in Cambridge. Sold and I moved to New Hampshire. But all my work is here. I'm a plumber. That's my truck over there, B&B or Bernie the Plumber. Anything, frozen pipes, bathrooms. I'm on call so just waiting on work. Gotta be ready to go."

Picture Story Boston - Chris
Posted 12/28/2016

Chris © PictureStoryBoston

Chris ©PictureStoryBoston

"I'm an electrician, I'm working in here. It's gonna be a Target. Two floors, you know front to back. Should be open in March. I'm hoping I'll be working it all the way through. It's a lot of work, a lot of wiring. Alright I gotta get back to work."

Picture Story Boston - John McCluskey
Posted 12/27/2016

John McCluskey © PictureStoryBoston

John McCluskey ©PictureStoryBoston

"Yeah my father was one of six brothers and two of them died in the war, one on one side one on the other. They pull the other four brothers out, pull 'em right out, one off the JFKennedy. My father, pulled him out. I'm a junior, well a senior now. My father, he's always here (points to his heart). The McCluskey building up on Broadway. That's my family. I grew up on St. Mary's Park, Broadway and Prospect. Area 4, that's what the cops call it...you're not a cop are you? (laughs). I'm 52 years here, you ever need to know anything about living on the streets you can ask me. I don't need to be out here tonight but I'm gonna be anyway. You can usually find me over by the 7/11."

NYC, a bite of the Big Apple.
Posted 5/21/2015

I had some down time while shooting a party on 5th Ave in NYC. I was up on the roof deck, the wind was howling and blew my umbrellas down behind me which were set up for formals. In front of me one of my all-time favorite buildings and landmarks.

Empire State Building in New York City

NYC, New York City and the Empire State.

Allison and Joshua at Yale
Posted 2/26/2015

Allison and Joshua had a beautiful wedding at Yale and the day couldn't have been nicer, we had a lot of fun walking through campus doing formals, the location was stunning.

Allison and Joshua at Yale

Allison and Joshua at Yale

Your Work Here! [2.0] at the PRC.
Posted 11/19/2014

Both my daughter Tremé and I have work in the Your Work Here [2.0] show at the PRC. The work will be up through November. This Brooklyn Bridge image of mine from 2001 is in the show.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge and Twin Towers from early September, 2001.

Opening at the Carole Calo Gallery!
Posted 10/15/2014

I've been invited to participate in a group show, Visionary Vistas, at the Carole Calo Gallery. It would be great to see you there!

Here's a blurb and the dates: "This exhibition explores the ideas of the artificial landscape, the impact of human construction on the environment, as well as the organic materials that make up the land itself. The creation of impossible realities and the illusion of work that poses as landscape bring us to question not only how we perceive our surroundings, but also how we interpret the genre’s technical and stylistic expansion."

Opening Reception and Artist Panel: November 14, 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Date: November 3 – December 12
Time: Mon.- Fri., 9 a.m.- 8 p.m.

Location: Kruse Center and the Carole Calo Gallery and Lobby, Cushing-Martin building, Stonehill College, 320 Washington Street, Easton, MA 02357

Good Harbor beach

Good Harbor beach, Gloucester, MA

New mounted prints going out to clients this week!
Posted 8/14/2014

Mounted prints are going out to clients this week. These are all flush-mounted on wood which looks beautiful and works really well with the images. All images in my Alternative portfolio are available as prints.


print mounted_sm


A few images from Catherine's wedding at the Lyman Estate in Waltham.
Posted 7/15/2014

Catherine's wedding at the Lyman Estate in Waltham, Massachusetts.Catherine's wedding at the Lyman Estate in Waltham, Massachusetts.

 Catherine's wedding at the Lyman Estate in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Some recent Boston and Massachusetts weddings.
Posted 7/11/2014

Heather and David, beautiful Massachusetts wedding.

Heather and David, during their beautiful wedding at Willowdale Estate, in Topsfield, Massachusetts.

Walden Pond, on the 4th of July. A new double-exposure.
Posted 7/7/2014

Walden Pond, the 4th of July, 2014

On Walden Pond, the 4th of July, 2014

Gina Perini, CEO of SMS/800, at her home office in Groton, MA
Posted 6/24/2014

I had the great pleasure of photographing CEO Gina Perini at home in Groton. She was just appointed CEO of SMS/800 in March.


Gina Perini, CEO SMS/800, at her home office in Groton, Massachusetts.

Filiz and family, Sunday at Cambridge Common
Posted 6/21/2014

Cambridge common family portraiture.

Filiz and family, a beautiful Sunday on the Cambridge Common.

New doctors at the Cambridge Health Alliance
Posted 6/18/2014

I'm looking forward to photographing all the new doctors again at CHA tomorrow morning. This is the 6th year I've done this and it's always fun. It's usually 30-40 young doctors, group photographs and individual shots.

Angela's parent's 60th!
Posted 6/15/2014

Angela's parents anniversary party.

Angela's parents 60th anniversary party in Malden.

Angela's parents 60th anniversary party in Malden.

A quick look at some photos from Saturday's party.


Off to photograph Angela's parents 60th wedding anniversary tomorrow.
Posted 6/13/2014

Angela, the Hemenway Hotel, Boston.

Angela, the Hemenway Hotel, Boston.

The new website launch!
Posted 6/12/2014

Launching the new website this week, it's very exciting. Lots of new features, new work and connectivity with social media. Welcome, and I'd love it as my first visitors if you'd check out some photography, share some images, and let me know what you think.

An image from last week's shoot at the Boston Globe of owner Mike Sheehan on the roof deck overlooking the harbor. The site on Morrissey Boulevard is for sale and this image will accompany a story on the changes at the Globe.


Mike Sheehan, owner, Boston Globe. On the roof deck contemplating the sale of the legendary Morrissey Boulevard property.


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